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Grilled Steak Lettuce Cups

#steaktacos #butterlettuce #glutenfree
Grilled Steak Lettuce Wraps- A perfect healthier Tapas alternative to Street Tacos. Seasoned Grilled Steak with Smoked Tomatoes and Onions. Topped with a dollop of Goat Cheese to make them more refreshing.
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Food Style Page

#ChefMickBrownRedfoo #Redfoo #VeganBBQ
Chef Mick Brown does Vegan Thanksgiving BBQ with Pop Star Redfoo of LMFAO “Party Rock” Fame


The word “Sustainable” means very different things to different people. To Farmers, it means having viable land and the proper weather to grow the crops of their choice from year to year, as well as having a source of buyers. The same is true for Ranchers who must sell livestock and keep their animals healthy enough the survive. Over generations and with new technology, each have figured out the proper dietary sources of fuel to keep everything thriving.

For the purpose of this book, “sustainable” also applies to humans learning how to eat the best combination of foods for healthier living and their personal well being. Due to a lack of cooking skills, many “Foodies” end up spending much of their budget on overpriced prepared, heat and serve or trendy restaurant foods. Creating a sustainable menu to meet your needs at home is simpler that people think.

BBQ Grilling For LIFE presents dozens of recipes with hundreds of variations. It will also teach simple techniques that can be converted from Grill, to Stovetop, to Oven or Microwave. A delicious, successful, sustainable diet happens when proper cooking technique meets up with the right ingredients. This section will preview some the dishes you can be making at home starting tonight that will taste better than the most trendy restaurants. There is something for everyone- from twists on traditional meat dishes, to succulent sides, as well as snacks and tapas.

Included are all eating styles like Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Gluten Free, Keto, Paleo, Organic and All Natural. This will be labeled on all entrees as much as possible. Advice will also be given to replicate some favorite traditional dishes while avoiding certain allergies. Occasionally there will be a Celebrity Story associated with a certain recipe.

Hope you enjoy the Food Photo Gallery and pre-order the Cookbook as soon as it is goes to print. Also, revisit this site periodically and share it on Social Media. As the site grows so will the Recipes and Valuable Information that you can start using right now.

Here is a List of Abbreviations that will appear on some of the the Photo Preview.

AF– Allergy Friendly: Recipe can be done the avoid most common Allergies

AN– All Natural: Recipes that do not include any processed Foods

GF– Gluten Free: Can be prepared with ingredients the do not contain Gluten

KT– Keto: Ingredients are consistent with most Keto Diets

LF– Low Fat: Recipe is diet friendly to Calorie Counters

LSO– Low Sodium: Especially important for many diets

LSU– Low Sugar: Important to most diets and is a staple of most recipes included here

OG– Organic: Use of Organic, Free Range, Grass Fed, Grain Free Meats is suggested when possible

PE– Pescatarian: A Fish or Seafood recipe

PL– Paleo: Similar to AN and KT, but ingredients are especially popular with Paleo Followers

SOY– Recipe that may include ingredients that may be processed including soy

VG– Vegan: Only Plant Based ingredients with no dairy or meat byproducts

VGT– Vegetarian: Plant Based, but may contain Egg, Dairy or Cheese