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Who ever outlawed putting Veggies on the Grill?

— Chef Mick.

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Chef Mick Brown is a world renowned BBQ Expert, known for his emphasis on adding healthier components to his Grilling. Man cannot survive on meats like BBQ Ribs and Chicken alone. How about adding some Carrots, Potatoes, Onions, Peppers, etc…? Nutritionists encourage everyone to eat more balanced meals. This blog will show you how it can be done with tasty results.

About, BBQ, Chef Mick Brown, Food, Grilling

Bio Chef Mick Brown

Newly crowned as the Grill Master of Cutthroat Kitchen’s season 8 “Grill or Be Grilled” episode, the high profile show’s first BBQ themed episode, Chef Mick Brown was thrilled to walk away with the hard earned title of Grill Master. Challenged by expert chefs from Texas, Arkansas and Philadelphia, Chef Mick deftly grilled his way through the tough competition to a sizzling triumph, winning the coveted title.

So far 2015 has been a dream come true for Chef Mick. If you told him a year ago that he would appear on Food Network TV within the next twelve months, he wouldn’t have believed you. If you told him he would win the title of Grill Master on one of his favorite TV shows, Cutthroat Kitchen, he wouldn’t have believed you. And if you told him

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Grilling at Corporate Catering Summer 2015.

he would meet one of his culinary idols, Alton Brown, he wouldn’t have believed you. This is the stuff that dreams are made of, and apparently some dreams do come true. Most recently, Chef Mick was invited to cater a 4th of July BBQ at the former Beatles Mansion in Hollywood Hills.

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After Corporate Lunch in Griffith Park 2015

A Chicago native, Chef Mick Brown has called Los Feliz, California, his home for over twenty years. With over thirty years of grilling experience, he has operated the Los Angeles-based caterer, Tastee BQ Grilling Company, since 2010. Tastee BQ Grilling has catered delicious barbeque meals throughout the greater Los Angeles area and out to Palm Springs. His reputation for amazing traditional barbeque banquets has even had him catering as far away as New Orleans. In 2013, Mick expanded into the retail market developing California Gold BBQ Rubs, a line of delicious Gluten Free spice blends. His latest rub offering is a no salt, no sugar spice blend called HEROIC! This new blend is available globally at Amazon.com and locally at various retailers in the Los Angeles and San Diego area.

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With Chef Octavio during Culinary Tour of Puerto Vallarta, MX. 2014

In order to create some of the world’s best flavors, Chef Mick traveled the globe, sampling Barbecue everywhere from Costa Rica, to London and Paris. He has studied renowned chefs around the world to develop his own unique techniques and style. Chef Mick has dedicated his career to teaching people easy techniques for barbecuing at home. His food blog, BBQ Catering Confidential, offers a behind-the-scenes account of running a small business and details of his culinary travels. His other blog, The

Adventures of TasteeBQ, follows a fictional BBQ Superhero and includes a collection of easy to make and tasty recipes. Mick is also an expert barbeque instructor, sharing his techniques with both individuals and groups in the Los Angeles metro area and as far away as Chicago and New Orleans.

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Accompanying as Sous Chef Instructor at New Orleans School of Cooking with Chef Michael Devidtz in 2013.

Known to many Los Feliz and Silver Lake residents, Chef Mick is active in various community activities. A committee member of the Los Angeles Economic Development Network, he has held cooking demonstrations at the American Cancer Society’s Run For Life in Griffith Park, Franklin Hills Residents Association picnic fundraisers, and at the Boys and Girls Club of Burbank. He has also conducted a barbeque demonstration at The Gluten Free Allergy Food Fest in San Diego and lectured on healthier grilling at the Los Angeles Garden Club. Prior to his appearance on Cutthroat Kitchen, one of his previous most exciting experiences was as a guest Sous-Chef at the New Orleans School of Cooking.

What’s next for Chef Mick? He also hopes to return to Food Network sometime in the future. Now that he is Cutthroat Kitchen’s Grill Master, he would enjoy the opportunity to challenge Bobby Flay for the title of Food Network Grill Master. He was proud to launch BBQ RESCUES! TV Channel on Youtube and BBQ RESCUES! Podcasts on Blog Talk Radio and iTunes.  Now is the time to start the BBQ Grilling For LIFE website, as he works on releasing his first book. As far as Chef Mick is concerned, the sky is the limit and dreams really do come true.